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Why India?

We have always known we wanted to adopt. We didn’t know when or how many kids, but it was always
something we both knew we wanted to do. After having two biological children, we decided it was time to start adding to our family through adoption. We didn't have any particular place we wanted to adopt from, so it made it difficult to start our search, as many adoption agencies work with a limited number of countries.


After speaking with some of our friends who have adopted, we decided to start by finding an agency we trust, and then going with one of the countries they work with. Once we settled on America World Adoption Agency, everything fell into place. They recommended we adopt from India, and, after thorough discussion, we agreed that it was the best fit for our family. We've been having so much fun learning more about the country. We’ve been getting books about India from the library for both the kids, are learning how to cook traditional Indian food, and Samson even wanted to have an India themed birthday so we would have India stuffed animals for when we bring our child home!

As everyone knows, adoption is expensive, especially international adoption. Adopting from India is estimated to cost anywhere form $33,000-43,000, depending on what state in India we end up adopting from. Anything you're able to give will be huge in helping us fund our adoption. Thank you so much. We can't even begin to tell you how much we appreciate your support!

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